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History of MS Project E-learning.com

The Partnership Begins

Imagine two friends sharing ideas, beliefs and ambitions. That’s the start of MS Project E-Learning.com.

Trusting each others Opinion, Always

Following each other blindly in school choice, job choice and consulting each other on all the important things in life (at that age)…

group of graduates holding diploma

Career starts

Edwin’s father worked at CGI at the time, a worldwide consultancy firm and shared our resumes with the manager of the PMO department.

Sander’s first project regarding MS EPM

Sander has been assigned to his first project: 70 project teams were supposed to start working with EPM. “It’s here where I learned all the right arguments I should use to motivate people.”

“Hey Edwin, this is Fun – you will Like this”

“This role has it all, change management, teaching, enthusiast people, design effective processes” – Edwin joined the team.

Logo Enabler

Enabler EPM Consultancy was Founded

After working four years for CGI and another specialized EPM Consulting firm in the Netherlands, it was time to found an own firm.

Edwin starts VandenBroek Consultancy

“After one-and-a-half year as a sales/solution consultant, I wanted to go back to the PMO field. My first major customer was ASML, a leading firm in the Netherlands.”

Enabler is the go-to firm for EPM Change

Many companies acknowledge the importance of consultants that have a business (PMO) approach to EPM implementation and a focus on change management.

500 training sessions

“In the last years Sander and Edwin both have reached the 500 training sessions milestone. 500 sessions equals around 3000 participants asking challenging questions and sharing their valuable feedback”

about us

MS Project E-learning.com is founded

The crown on our collaborative efforts; Sander and Edwin start a new company that embodies our vision on the PERFECT product for MS Project education – Teaching in 5 maturity levels and offering three different service level to embed our proven way of work.


We want to enable change. Our goal is to get businesses and people enthusiastic about a new way of managing and planning their projects. That is what we call ‘The New Way of Project Work’. This means to collaborate in projects according to ‘processes’ that work and are supported by the best PPM-tooling that is currently available on the market: Microsoft Project. We do not want to just provide you a training and then leave the rest up to you. Our goal is to make sure your ambitions will be embedded!

Together with you, we want to be in a constant flow of seeking opportunities for your project management organization and embedding improvements so your Project Management Organization will be a true ROI enabling machine!

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Office Location: Project Learning Solutions International
Krimpen aan den IJssel
The Netherlands

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