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By Edwin van den Broek

For more than 10 years, me and my colleagues have been active as consultants for MS Project and project management implementations.

Since we started MS Project E-Learning at the beginning of 2016, we constantly had professionals in our own network referring our online courses to people in their network. We were impressed! We wanted to reward these people and so the whole affiliate idea came to life.

What do you do if you are looking for a new phone or other product? You will probably ask your friends and colleagues in your own network because you trust their opinion. We all do that.

Some examples of what other partners did:

  • The chairman of PMI in Sao Paulo, Brazil, contacted PMI to publish the product on the PMI website, reaching thousands.
  • The chairman of the Dutch planning institute does three things – he published the product on their own website, contacted his peer from the UK to potentially reach 100.000 members and advices the e-course in each relevant quote to customers.
  • Our affiliate partner from Berlin suggested to translate the course to German, which (although IP will remain with MS Project gives him the perfect advantage to sell in the German market.
  • One of our partners in Canada proposes to go for the white-label option and will be able to change the lay-out of the course to his own companies, and sell the course as their own.
  • Two new partners in the Netherlands suggested to offer the course as part of a monthly subscription, including chat helpdesk.

“What can you do to generate such an extra revenue stream?”

If you are working in the field of project planning yourself, you know the importance of good training. There are many people who are looking exactly for the MS Project online training that we offer, but might not be aware of us. Now YOU can tell your colleagues where to find such a course, simply by sending a link.

You can become an affiliate partner with us and refer our MS Project e-courses to your network to generate an extra income. It’s that simple.

The benefits of being an affiliate partner:

    • Make an easy extra revenue only by sending a link to your network
    • Get between $25 and $125 for every sold MS Project e-course
    • You decide how much time you can invest
    • Keep track of the sign-ups of your contacts and your earnings (personal dashboard)
    • Attractive model: 25% – 40% commission for you
    • You can use all our media content and pictures for free
    • Be the go-to person in your network when people need advice

Easy Dashboard

As an affiliate partner you have your own dashboard on our members site! You can watch in real-time what happens with the links you have sent to your network and the amount you have already earned



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there is more…

White label option

Are you running your own business and would you like to offer our e-course with your own logo or even with the one from your clients? Even that is possible.

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“High quality e-learning products for my clients”

“Over the last 25 years I’ve grown a large network of (project) professionals and clients. On a regular basis they reach out to me for valuable training. MS Project E-Learning provides excellent products of high quality for all levels of expertise. As an affiliate partner I offer the MS Project E-Learning courses via my website It’s a great collaboration, as I can offer high quality e-learning products to my clients and have some extra income for my website.”

Ed van der Tak – Planning & Project Professional and Founder of

Becoming an affiliate partner at MS Project E-Learning takes you less than 2 minutes and is totally free!

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