Level 2 – Task Management

The E-Course on Maturity Level 2 is about creating the backbone for your schedule, with tasks, summary tasks, but also with a baseline so you can already start learning from the quality of your estimates. You will learn a method to come up with estimates that have the right mix between being SMART and covering enough risk contingency.

custom view that you will receive from us will then tell you how good the estimates were. For instance, you could see that certain tasks always take about 30% longer, so you are able to determine the common cause and take measures to avoid this in the future.

In this second Maturity Level in our series of five, there is still little automatic behavior from MS Project that could jeopardize your mission to set up a comprehensive reporting cycle to your stakeholders. Instead, you will become very familiar with MS Projects interface to be able to make small changes fastly and accurately.

Task Management: Course Content

  • What is a PBS (Product Breakdown Structure) and a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
  • Importance of Ordering Activities
  • PBS/WBS Best Practices
  • Tasks, Summary Tasks and Outdent levels
  • Durations and their Estimates
  • Estimating Principles
  • Adding Tasks to the Baseline
  • Schedule Quality Assessment
  • Update Tasks
  • Record Task Progress
  • Reschedule Incomplete Work in one Go
  • Evaluate the Project Schedule
  • Reporting on Task Progress


  • Interactive Questions and Quizzes to Test Yourself
  • Video Material
  • Assignments to Fully Train Yourself in MS Project
  • Customized Highlight Report to report on Your Project Schedule

Target Audience

Everyone with No or Little Experience with MS Project 2013 or Previous Versions.

  • Project Managers (PM)
  • Project Leaders
  • Project Planners
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Manager Officers (PMO)
  • Program Manager
  • Other Business Professionals


Microsoft Project 2013/2016

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