Level 5 – Cost Management

Many, many times we see that where project timing and resourcing is kept in MS Project and project finances are kept in Excel. Using the financial governance capacilities in MS project is often an unexploited area. This is waste, because only adding rates to resources will already bring you half way. MS Project can calculate anything for you directly from your schedule.

The trick here is also to keep the right balance between the amount of input and getting valuable output. Remember MS Project is not ment to be accounting software, MS Project is a modeling tool which should deliberately simplify the reality. Accountants cannot permit to simplify. Neither will it serve as an invoicing system.

What will we do in this fifth Maturity Level? Enter a project budget for main cost types, compare planned cost against actual cost. Predict eventual cost at project complete based actual progress, provide burn-down charts and earned value metrics to qualify the projects’ performance. All the things required to be able to perform quality cost control.

Cost Management: Course Content

Off course you need to be able to assess exactly what to expect when enlisting for this course. The course contents includes, but is not limited to:

  • Budget vs. Actual Costs
  • How to Set Up a Project Budget
  • How to Enter Costs for Resources
  • How to Compare Cost to the Baseline
  • Earned Value Management
  • How to Set Up Your Schedule for Earned Value Management?
  • Using the Earned Value Management Report
  • How to Use the S-Curves
  • How to Interpret the MS Project default Reports
  • How to Present Your Project Status on Costs?
  • Using the Highlight Report with cost Information


  • Interactive Questions and Quizzes to Test Yourself
  • Video Material
  • Assignments to Fully Train Yourself in MS Project
  • Customized Highlight Report to report on Your Project Schedule

Target Audience

Everyone with No or Little Experience with MS Project 2013 or Previous Versions.

  • Project Managers (PM)
  • Project Leaders
  • Project Planners
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Manager Officers (PMO)
  • Program Manager
  • Other Business Professionals


Microsoft Project 2013/2016

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  • Days:1 (6-8 hours)

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