How to use the cashflow report in MS Project?

How to use the cashflow report in MS Project?

With the report ‘Cashflow‘ you can see the progress of the project costs compared to the baseline. Also, three Earned Value Management metrics are introduced here:

  • ACWP stands for actual costs work performed. This is the same as actual Cost.
  • BCWS means budgeted cost work scheduled (according to the baseline). In other words: these are the actual costs we would have at this point in time, when we would exactly progressed according to the baseline schedule.
  • BCWP stands for the budgeted cost work performed, in other words: what did we expect to pay for the actual work that has been progressed at this point in time.

Again, the table shows only the top-level tasks. If you want to drill down, click the table, and in the right menu select the outline level you want:

Earned value for your project

Do you consider using this report in MS Project? What would be the biggest benefit for you?

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